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The idea for the Burger Tree concept came during the early days of the 2020 health crisis and lock downs. For various reason, even more people were suddenly wanting even more food choices that were free from animal products. And people needed more take-out and delivery options, too. Burger Tree was the perfect solution. It would offer a menu that's delivery and take-out friendly, entirely plant-based, loaded with variety, oozing with flavor, uses only quality ingredients, doesn't deep-fry a thing, and yet is designed with comfort in mind.

Concept creators Avi Katz and his twin sister Adina (AKA Dini), who are both somewhat obsessive animal lovers, went to work with his amazing team to build just such a menu. Together, the twins spent countless hours concocting an awesome list of shakes, which all include premium non-dairy ice cream. They didn't have to work as hard to come up with Dini's Salad; it's the very same salad & dressing she's been making for their family's Friday night dinners for years! (There's a reason why they keep asking her to make it!) Enthusiastic kitchen staff brainstormed on original burger flavours, creative sides, and delicious sauces. The final product is a menu that will keep even the most regular of regulars interested, and coming back to mix and match the virtually limitless combinations!

Is everything vegan?
YES! Our entire menu is 100% plant-based. Absolutely none of our items - from our burger patties, to cheezes, to sauces, to ice creams - contain animal-derived ingredients. We believe delicious comfort food can be made from plants.

Is everything gluten free?
YES! Our entire menu is 100% gluten-free. Absolutely none of our items - from our buns, to waffles, to Crispy Chick’n breading - contain gluten ingredients. Most of our products are Certified Gluten-Free, however, we are unable to guarantee that there has been no cross-contamination at a supplier’s facility.

Is the kitchen allergen-friendly?
While our menu is entirely plant-based and gluten-free, our facility contains other common allergens such as nuts, seeds, soy, and other legumes. Due to our small kitchen, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item is free of allergens.

Do you make everything in-house?
For the most part, yes. Our burger patties and Crispy Chick’n are hand-crafted in-house, as are our Buffalo Cauli Bites. Our sauces are made from scratch in-house, and all our toppings are prepared fresh in-house, daily. Anything that is not made in-house comes from suppliers we trust and love.

Are all of your burgers mock meat?
NO! We have a variety of burger patties available, each with their own flavour and texture. Choose from our Burger Tree Signature patty made with Impossible™ (seasoned in-house), our Beyond Meat™ patty, or our Hello 123 patty (made from lentils, walnuts, and mushrooms). Whether you love meat, miss meat, or avoid meat, we have a delicious option for you.

Do you have any soy-free options?
PLENTY! Both the Beyond patty and our Hello 123 patty are totally soy-free. The same goes for our Crispy Chick'n, Buffalo Cauli Bites, and Nachos. Our sauces are also soy-free, and many are nut-free (although or kitchen facility is NOT).

Do you have real meat/dairy options?
NO! We're excited to offer a twist on classic comfort foods, reinventing our favourites using plant-based ingredients. It's time to give these options a try! 

What is the Crispy Chick’n made from?
Burger Tree Crispy Chick’n is hand-crafted, made from oyster mushrooms. It is deliciously battered in our secret spice mix and fried to crunchy, juicy perfection.

What is the best milkshake?
Depends on who you ask. Our Kitchen Team votes for the Strawberry Protein, while Front of House votes for Salted Caramel, and Management votes for the Montreal Orange Julep.

Can I pay in cash?
We are currently not accepting cash unless it is exact change (we do not have change to give back). We accept all forms of card payments.

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes. Our entrance, dining room, and washroom are wheelchair accessible.

Do you have indoor seating?
Yes. We have comfortable indoor seating available, for those who want to dig in right away.

Do you have a patio?
Yes. We have a small patio space with seating available. We do not have a covered or heated patio at this time.

Do you deliver?
YES! We are available for delivery on UberEats. You can also order-ahead and skip the line through the Ritual app.

Do you do catering?
YES! For more catering information please contact